Project Extensions

Below are examples of projects that went beyond the requirement of the assignments, extensions involving students and actual use of Web 2.0 Tools in the classroom.

Sarah Taylor
Students can upload their own artwork, or I can upload as part
of a class project showcase. They can comment on others' art
as well, and purchase products using the student's artwork.
Originally I wrote a grant to gain access, but now the site is free.
Artsonia School Page
Eva Urban Hughes
This is a wiki-page my students constructed collaboratively. With very little guidance, they explored and incorporated lots of Web 2.0 tools and made these wiki-pages really interesting. A great way for students to easily collaborate.
Gwen Duralek - I have a few wikis already working. FHS Social Studies is (a bit lame right now) for my department to collaborate. Summer APWH is for the students who lose their summer work packet, but there are also extensions to assist with their summer work. Ms. Duralek's AP World History has been working for two years now; I use it for collaborative projects, IDs (the bane of many history teachers), and ancillary stuff. [ For student privacy reasons, my student wiki is private -- just send me an email @ to request an invite.]
FHS Social Studies
Summer APWH
Ms. Duralek's AP World History